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Durham, NC Vegan Baker
I consider myself a late-bloomer in my baking journey…

I’m a self-taught baker who didn’t start baking until well after my childhood days. It was during my time in Los Angeles, CA, after college, that my love for baking began to take root. While serving on my church’s social and fellowship ministry team, I was tasked with baking cookies by the dozens for the Sunday congregation – an experience that would ultimately lead me to discover my passion for baking.

Years later, after moving to Durham, NC, I went on to host dessert baking dates with friends, making granolas, banana muffins, date scones, and more.

As the years passed and my diet evolved to include more plant-based and alkaline foods, I began experimenting with modifying familiar and new recipes. This led me to create entirely new recipes, and much to my delight, I discovered that plant-based desserts could be just as flavorful and delicious as their non-plant-based counterparts. Both vegans and non-vegans alike could enjoy them with equal enthusiasm.

Baking has become a means for me to express my appreciation and gratitude for nature and plants. I’m amazed by their ability to support a healthy lifestyle and bring joy to people from all walks of life, especially when they crave something sweet. It’s truly fulfilling to share my creations with others and witness how a simple treat can brighten their day.


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