Sweetly Rooted

by Tasala

Vegan Baked Goods

Small batch · Plant-based · No refined sugars · No refined flours · Whole ingredients · Organic ingredients · Seasonal ingredients · No preservatives

Sweetly Rooted by Tasala, LLC (SRT) is a vegan bakery based out of Durham, NC creating plant-based desserts and baked goods serving the Durham and Triangle communities. SRT’s standard is to produce delicious, sweet treats with the use of whole, organic ingredients without the use of refined flours or sugar, free from preservatives, without compromising quality and taste.

All Sweetly Rooted by Tasala desserts are made in small batches, mixed by hand incorporating seasonal fruits and flavors supported by local farmers and sweetened using dates and other natural sweeteners. Desserts include granolas, cookies, scones, and sweet breads.



Sweetly Rooted by Tasala was born out of my love for nature (as an avid hiker) and the plants (as the mother of dozens of houseplants) that inhabit the world around us, coupled with my love for bringing people together through the sharing of something sweet. I believe deeply that nature and plants have the power to support health & wellness, which is why I remain intentional in using quality, natural ingredients in all of my dessert creations.

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Our Promise

No refined sugars
No refined flours
100% Plant-based
Seasonal ingredients
No preservatives

Our Specialties

Sweet breads

Located In

Durham, NC